Racing Driver Insurance

In the car, you protect yourself with the best helmet you can afford, a fire proof suit, a roll cage, and everything else that goes towards keeping you safe.

But what if you fall ill? Your helmet won’t save you from that. What if you slip and break your leg whilst playing with the kids? Your roll cage definitely won’t save you from that.

Insurance won’t stop these things from happening, but it can protect you from the devastating financial consequences that can result from such an event.

You know the risks involved with racing cars, whether you do it for a living or just for fun.

Unfortunately, insurance companies know the risk too, and obtaining the right personal risk insurance, such as life insurance or income protection, can be tricky.

You need the experience and knowledge of a qualified team who can find the right cover for you.

Through our alliance with Equita Financial, and with access to Australia’s largest and most respected insurance companies, we are able to find the right cover for you, and tailor a protection package that suits your needs as well as your budget.

Whether you’re a leading V8 Supercar driver, or just enjoy taking your pride and joy to the odd track day, we can help you find the right cover for you and your family.

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